The Election of the third trade union committee

CREATE_TIME:2018-08-03 VIEWS:1202

According to the relevant provisions of the Articles of Association of Trade Unions of China and the Provisional Regulations on Election of Grass-roots Organizations of Trade Unions, the election of the new trade union committee of Shengshi Tianyuan Group of Anhui Province was successfully completed on July 31. The 46 workers'representatives who participated in the Third First Workers' Congress of Shengshi Tianyuan Group Trade Union were elected on the recommendation of all members. The meeting was presided over by Wu Ling, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Group.

At the meeting, the delegates attended the meeting carefully listened to the group trade union report, summarized and reviewed that the group trade union committee, under the leadership of the Party branch of the group, had done a lot of work around the group center, starting from the cohesion of staff strength, highlighting the development of the main industry and enhancing the group image, pioneering, realistic and innovative, strengthening organizational construction, serving the overall situation and safeguarding the rights and interests of employees. Effective work.

By secret ballot and balance election, the General Assembly elected the chairman, staff representatives and committee members of the third session of Sheng Shitianyuan Trade Union Committee.

At the meeting, the newly appointed trade union members made a statement, and put forward their demands and hopes: to strengthen the construction of trade unions and members themselves, promote the continuous development of trade union work, strive to create conditions to protect the rights and interests of employees, and enhance the sense of acquisition, existence, security and happiness of employees. To carry out all-staff innovation and efficiency-creating activities, to benefit from technology, management and service, and to create a "staff home" that employees trust.

The successful convening of this conference is a milestone in the history of the development of trade unions in the Group. In the future, the group trade unions will further adhere to the concept of scientific development, fully implement the Party's guiding principle of wholeheartedly relying on the working class, actively perform the functions of safeguarding trade unions'rights, unite and mobilize the broad masses of employees to carry out in-depth activities to strive for excellence, create achievements and establish businesses, fully stimulate the labor enthusiasm and creative potential of the broad masses of delegates, and contribute to promoting the group's sound and rapid development and building first-class enterprises. New forces.