Traditional Chinese Restoration Space, Warm Service for Families and Families-Huikeju Hot Spring Hotel Group

  Huikeju Hot Spring Hotel Cluster, with Chinese excellent traditional culture as its theme and pure natural high-quality hot springs as its feature, consists of boutique hotels, hot springs hotels, theme houses, residential apartments and other product series. 302 luxury rooms of various hot springs have been put into use, and two residential apartments will be put into operation this year. Its reception capacity will exceed 1000 standard beds. It is your hot spring vacation and honey. Ideal places for monthly travel, business reception, conference research, living and providing for the aged, etc.

(The lobby, guest rooms and indoor hot spring soup pool of Huikeju boutique hotel)

  The hotel has Chinese restaurant, western restaurant and local restaurant, which is a good place for VIP banquets and family reunion. The Chinese restaurant chooses pure natural alpine organic ingredients and specializes in high-end health food. It is an important part of Tianyuewan health care system. The Tucai Museum is characterized by authentic Dabie Mountain farm dishes, which often evoke mom's craftsmanship, while the Western Restaurant is absolutely unique. It can enjoy the beautiful scenery of mountains and rivers and taste delicious food at the same time.

(Lettuce and Deluxe Room in Chinese Restaurant of Huikeju Boutique Hotel)

  The hotel has six conference halls, such as Cloud Hall, VIP Hall, Hengshan Hall, Wanshan Hall, Taishan Hall, small conference hall, etc. The venue environment is first-class, the facilities and equipment are advanced, and conference services are professional. It is a decent place to hold government and business meetings. Holding annual meetings in Huikeju represents a kind of specifications in itself.

(Taishan Hall, Huikeju boutique hotel)

(Cloud Lobby, Huikeju boutique hotel)

  In addition, Tianyue Bay (Hot Spring) Happiness Town is equipped with Happiness Shop, Happiness Workshop, Happiness Book Bar, Happiness Agricultural Garden, Happiness Gymnasium, Happiness Tennis Court, Happiness Activity Center and other projects and facilities. It is an indispensable place for you to experience a happy life.

(Happiness book bar, tennis court, gym, etc.)

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