Shengshi Tianyuan Group Holds "150 Days of Final Battle" Oath Division Conference

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  On the afternoon of July 31, 2018, Anhui Shengshi Tianyuan International Health Culture Group held a "150-day decisive battle to sprint the year-round target task - the 2018 Shengshi Tianyuan Group Mid-Year Congress" in the Cloud Lobby of Huikeju boutique hotel.

  In the first half of 2018, according to the target set at the beginning of the year, the annual task performance of Shengshi Tianyuan Group should reach 250 million yuan, of which the Tianyuewan tourism sector should achieve turnover of 40 million yuan. Up to now, the task of the first half of the year has been successfully completed with the efforts of the whole group, and remarkable achievements have been made in the operation of the large health base, the construction of Engineering projects, the marketing of maintenance products and the establishment of brand. In order to enable the group to embark on a more rapid and healthy development highway, ensure that Tianyuewan's business performance is steadily improved, and continue to strive to win the second half of the year's task, the group further strengthens its marketing efforts, sets up the group marketing center, strengthens its marketing efforts, and calls for all-staff marketing; at the same time, in order to optimize the internal functional structure of the group, so as to better serve the society, June In the latter ten days, Shengshi Tianyuan Group Company restructured its shareholders, formed a new shareholders'meeting and elected a new chairman and vice-chairman of the group. In early July, a new board of directors and supervisory board of the group was elected; in late July, a new leading core of the group and the heads of its subsidiary branches and secondary organizations were formed.

  Shengshi set sail again and sprinted for the year-round target task. Zhang Jie, the president of Shengshi Group, took the oath of office with the new leading core members and senior executives of the Group. From the three aspects of "creating social value", "creating enterprise benefits" and "creating staff well-being", he expressed his belief and will of not forgetting the initiative, forging ahead with a heavy burden and pioneering and innovating. The Vice President of the Group took the stage to make statements, and reported to all employees on the business sector under management and the work plan and measures for the second half of the year.

  In his report, President Zhang Jie objectively expounded the achievements of the group in the first half of the year, scientifically analyzed the problems existing in the group's current development, deployed the whole work of the group in the second half of the year, and shared the "mental education", introduced the origin of his mission of "promoting the traditional Chinese health culture and serving the physical and mental health of hundreds of millions of people", and encouraged everyone to work in the future. China strictly requires itself to participate in the group cause with a positive attitude. He believes that with the joint efforts of all of you, Anhui Shengshi Tianyuan International Health Culture Group will surely move to a new height!

  At the conference, a loving donation was also made to poor college students in rural areas around Tianyuewan Health Holiday Resort, rewarding the children of the group's employees who were admitted to university.