Ecological recuperation and healthy residence——Tianyue Bay Residence for the Elderly

  Tianyuewan (Hot Spring) Happy Town is committed to serving the healthy living and free travel of the middle-aged and the elderly. The aspiring people who participate in and work together with the service industry for the aged have jointly established the China Residential and Old-age Industry Alliance, initiated the establishment of the G100 Residential Alliance, and participated in the formulation of standardized services in many industries, such as the standard system of living and old-age maintenance.

  Tianyue Bay has become a fixed-point home care, cultural creation and photographic collection base for senior cadres of ten ministries, such as the Ministry of Water Resources, SASASAC, the Academy of Social Sciences and the Ministry of Communications. It has also become a health care and vacation base for high-end Russian guests, as well as a designated "pleasure tour" and "recreation" base for pension service companies in Beijing, Hefei, Wuhan, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yangzhou and Jinan. Old and middle-aged friends who come to live and recuperate all over the country are cordially praised as "the second home"!

(Shengshi Tianyuan Group signed a cooperation agreement with the European Rehabilitation Center in Vladimir, Russia)

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