On July 14, 2018, Qianshan County was upgraded to a county-level city. In fact, as early as the Eastern Han Dynasty, Lujiang County, where the buried hill was located, was larger than the county. During the Three Kingdoms Period, two beautiful women, Daqiao and Xiaoqiao, emerged from the buried hill. The two sisters and mink cicada, also known as the three great beauties in the Three Kingdoms Period. Gao Qi, a poet of the Ming Dynasty, described the beauty of Erqiao in "Guo Erqiao House": "Big Qiao Autumn Ting, Little Qiao Mei, Autumn Water and Tikai Hibiscus."

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Legend has it that Erqiao sisters often dress up in the backyard. After each dressing, they discard the residual fat powder into the well. Over the years, the well water has a rouge color, and the water has a rouge fragrance. One morning, when Daqiao got up, he called Xiaoqiao to go to the backyard to dress up. Little Joe said, "Sister, have you forgotten? Today is the day when we bathe in ten days."

Daqiao remembered that she and her sister were going to have a ten-day shower today. Originally in the Han Dynasty, both aristocratic women and civilian women had a certain degree of freedom and relaxed living space, and they could bathe together once a decade. They came to the spring valley, miles away from home, and saw several women bathing in the shallow pool. Their laughter was mixed with regrets about the cool weather. They were about to end their ten-day bathing in the open air this year.

When everyone was playing in the water, Xiaoqiao looked at a 28-year-old woman and said quietly to Daqiao beside him, "Sister, look at that girl, how nice her skin is!" Daqiao also found the strange girl who suddenly appeared in the "Xun Mu" and said, "Miss, I don't know where she came from, she has such a good complexion." Xiao Qiao touched the nasty acne on his face and said, "Sister, I don't think anybody in the world can be more beautiful than us anymore, but I'm ashamed of myself!" Big Chaucer muttered, "How can we compare with other people's natural beauty by putting on grease and powder every day?"

Daqiao's words seemed to be heard by the girl. She smiled sweetly and said, "What are the two sisters talking to me about?"

Daqiao said busily, "Praise your beauty!"

Instead of complimenting her, Xiaoqiao said, "We're talking about the cold weather. Next time we have to bathe in the house for ten days instead of the fun of nature in the wild."

The girl immediately said, "If you don't mind the distance, come to us. We can bathe outdoors in the sunshine and in the ten days in cold weather.

The sisters looked at each other and thought they had heard a joke. Little Joe's eyelashes twinkled and asked softly, "Where are you from?" There is no winter in your house."

The girl moved herself in the water and approached them and said, "I came to the west of Dawan Gongshan (today's Zhushan). It's a paradise on earth, surrounded by mountains, with a small basin in the middle. There are not only cold springs but also hot springs in our place!"

"What, hot springs?" Little Joe was surprised. She began to believe that the girl in front of her was not funny.

Daqiao said, "Hot springs are soup springs. They are also called hot springs. Sister, I read Dong Zhongshu's "Rain and Hail Pairs" the day before yesterday, and there is one sentence: "Water is extremely cloudy and hot springs, fire to the sun and cool flames."


Xiaoqiao said to the girl, "Would you take us to a hot spring bath?"

The girl agreed immediately. Originally, the girl's home was Tangchiling (now Hot Spring Town) at the West foot of Tianzhu Mountain in the ancient Nanyue Mountains. At that time, there was no Yuexi County (Yuexi County was founded in 1936), Tangchili County belonged to the jurisdiction of Lujiang County. The girl's aunt married in a village not far from Erqiao's house. She came to visit relatives yesterday and took part in the local ten-day shower for the first time today.

Erqiao's family is located in Panpu Township, the eastern suburb of Meicheng, Qianshan, 80 miles away from Tangchiding. When Qiao Gong heard that his daughter was going to Tangchiling to soak in hot springs, he was not confident, but his two daughters were capricious and had Tangchiling to lead the way, so he had to agree. Erqiao tidied up the bathroom articles and clothes such as obscene clothes, jackets and trousers. Before leaving, Qiao summoned two male servants and ordered them to be served safely. They must be returned by tomorrow evening. No mistake can be missed! ____________

Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao followed Tang Chiding's girl, crossed a mountain ridge and went straight to Tang Chiding. Not far behind them were two strong men. Xiao Qiao suddenly exclaimed, "Sister, no good, forget to bring rouge." Big Joe frowned and said, "Why do you think about it at this time? Washed in hot springs, no rouge, not good-looking.

"The two sisters are so lovely and beautiful. I've never used Rouge before," laughed Tang Chiding girl.

"Are your skin naturally good?" Asked little Joe.

"I was born three dynasties ago and had a hot spring bath every day. Maybe that's why," the girl answered. When you arrive, you will know that all the girls in our area like to soak in hot springs have good skin color, and their faces are ruddy and plain, like they are painted with rouge.

During the conversation, they crossed a mountain ridge, stepped on an official road, crossed the buried hills and waters roaring, rang Chang Taer Ridge, and approached Yuexi Tangchi. Although Erqiao is a lady of a solid family, who was doted on by his father, Gong Qiao, who grew up with exquisite wisdom and elegance in addition to playing the pipes, playing Go and studying Chinese characters, she did not feel tired because she longed to experience hot spring bathing. When Tangchiling came into view, the sisters were excited to see the charming scenery.

The two sisters will accumulate knowledge through years of reading and mobilize them to describe the beautiful scenery of Tangchi Ting in paradise.

Daqiao said, "It's burning, every plant. Burning flowers and trees, pressing branches from tree to tree. Fruit pressing branches hang brocade, flowers on the tree cluster rouge.

Xiaoqiao said, "The smoking coagulator is green, and the sun shines brightly. There are exotic flowers and flowers under the trees, and they are all of the same color at four o'clock."

Daqiao said, "Blue moss piles, white clouds and floating jades, light shakes and haze."

Xiaoqiao said, "It's like a dream, and you can see that pole, two poles, a thousand hills, hundred hills and red leaves. The sun reflects Languang light lock green, the rain receives dark color cold green.

Lao Tangchiding was proud of Erqiao's praise of her hometown. She pointed to the place where white air rose leisurely and said, "That's the hot spring."

Xiaoqiao said, "The song of the birds is near, and the source is clear. Heavy valley around Zhilan, mossy cliff everywhere. The ups and downs of the mountains are good, and there must be a tall man's anonymity."

Huo Daqiao laughed and said, "Tangquan is full of water, and the bay is ripple. There is Yao Chi in the Fudi of the Deep Mountains and Sai Peng Ying in the Fourth Season of Jiaxing.

After a while, they came to Tangchiding, surrounded by mountains and rivers. Tangchiding girl took you to watch the hot spring outlet. Introduced that within 3 miles, there were 6 spring eyes, which naturally formed dozens of hot spring pools, some hidden, some open, some in the hills, some under the slopes, some in the bay, covered by miscellaneous trees, and surrounded by repair. Xiao Qiao separated the two servants, then pulled up Da Qiao and Tangchi Ting girls, and now we're going to experience a hot spring bath. They jumped into the natural pool known as Tianyue Bay. The water temperature was just right. With the bathing and playing of these pure women, the river egret flies around and makes a pleasant cry.

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Erqiao fell in love with hot springs. He lived in Tangchili Girl's home that day. He went to soak again the next day and was still reluctant to part with it. Two men were soaking in another pool, and they called Big Joe and Little Joe back to the buried hill. Xiaoqiao said, "If you are in a hurry, go ahead. My sister and I will stay here for a few days."

_The two servants looked at each other. They knew Xiao Qiao's character very well. This was no joke at all. They had to mobilize Daqiao to go back: "Sister and sister, you go back with us; Miss 2 has not been addicted, she left her to go back alone, wolf ate her, no one else is blamed." At this time, Big Joe threw them a sentence: "You go back first, tell my father, I will play with my sister for a few days."

After discussing, the servant decided that one would go back to report and the other would stay and take care of the two young ladies.

After one day, another day, Erqiao spent seven days in Tangchiding, soaking in hot springs every day, time is not fixed, or in the morning, or in the morning, or in the afternoon. At dusk, hot spring pools of all sizes are soaked and crowded. They are local farmers, craftsmen and mountain merchants. Some people use buckets to carry hot springs home and bathe elderly people with disabilities and bedridden patients.

Gong Qiao sent his servant to urge his daughter to go home every day, but he did not see her every day. He was unhappy and decided to drag them home in person. Guided by a male servant, he traveled half a day in the mountains and finally arrived at Tangchiding. He stood at the top of the ridge and looked at the fields, villages and shops of Tangchiding in the narrow flat domain. His heart was surging and he chanted, "Yellow chrysanthemum and jade on the river bank are golden, and red maple on the hillside is white." He thought that we Laoqiao could witness the spring of "boiling soup" in Shanhai Jing today.

When Gong Qiao saw his daughter, he was surprised to find that they were both more beautiful. Their lips were pink, their eyebrows were green and their faces were naturally ruddy. The unhappiness in Joe's heart soon disappeared. He pretended to be angry and said, "Is Tangchi Ting all right? Seven days away from home!"

Xiaoqiao said, "Father has the chronic disease of old and cold legs. Why not soak in hot springs? I've made it clear that nobody knows what old cold legs are in this place, because nobody has ever suffered from this disease."

Gong Qiao smiled and nodded his head. So, under the leadership of her daughter, she went to Tianyue Bay to soak in hot springs, and stayed in Tangchiling for seven days. Qiao Gong felt that the pain in his leg had really alleviated a lot. He decided to stay here for a year and a half, cure his leg disease and go back to the buried hill. Of course the sisters were very happy. During this period, the family of three returned to their former residence only a few times. In the late Eastern Han Dynasty, the group of male separatist regimes, fighting continued. Qiao acknowledges that Tangchili is not the best place to live in seclusion and recuperate, because it is far from the city of Lujiang County and does not leave the county.

Later, Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Ce became bigger and occupied a large territory. In the third year of Jian'an (A.D. 198), Sun Ce, assisted by Zhou Yu, overcame Anhui City in one fell swoop. It happened that Qiao Gong and his two daughters returned from Tangchiding to their apartment in the eastern suburbs of Anhui City. Gong Qiao is a very prestigious man of virtue. He knows that Sun Ce and Zhou Yu will hear about it, so he has no intention of fleeing with his relatives. Sure enough, Sun Ce and Zhou Yu visited. Qiao declared to them that those who win the world must take the peace of the people as their task after seizing the city. The customs of Anhui are honest and honest. They should not destroy the cultural rule, but they can be traced back to the past and be attached to the hearts of the people.

Sun Ce and Zhou Yu met the magnificent Qiao Gong and admired him at the moment, but they also loved him because they saw the famous beautiful Daqiao and Xiaoqiao. When they saw two Qiao, they were moved. The next day, they sent people to engage them, and they got the consent of Gong Qiao. So the heroic lady and the couple made the romance. One is Sun Lang, who surpasses others and Megatron Jiangdong, and the other is Zhou Lang, who is full of both culture and martial arts, and can be called a happy marriage.

From then on, Erqiao sisters fought with Sun and Zhou in the north and south of the Yangtze River, and their beauty was known by more heroes. Zhuge Liang, in order to achieve the goal of joining Wu and resisting Cao, intentionally revised Cao Cao's "Fu on Bronze Sparrow Terrace" sentence "taking two Qiao in the southeast and sharing joy in the morning and evening" to frighten Sun Ce and Zhou Yu. Zhuge Liang said, "Cao Cao has heard that Qiao Guolao in Jiangdong has two daughters, who have the appearance of sinking fish and falling wild goose, closing the moon and shying flowers, so he swears:'I wish to sweep the whole world to become an emperor's career; I wish to get two Qiao in Jiangdong, and buy bronze sparrow terrace to enjoy my old age, though I die without hate!' Now he looks at the south of the Yangtze River tigerly, just for these two women. Why don't the general go to Qiao Gong and buy the two women with thousands of gold and send them to Cao Cao? Cao Cao was satisfied with the two women and had to leave the class. Sure enough, Zhou Yu was frightened, and finally accepted Zhuge Liang's joint anti-Cao proposition.

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  One day, Zhou Yu listened to Xiaoqiao playing the piano and tasted the feeling of melancholy and loneliness. When she looked around, she saw a trace of displeasure in Xiaoqiao's eyes and asked her what was bothering her. Xiao Qiao finished playing a song and then said, "Zhou Lang, although you gave me superior rouge, it is not as good as Tangchiling hot spring in the foothills of Shanxi Province in Anhui Province." Zhou Yu was stunned, then laughed and said, "The original lady is so outstanding because of the moistening of the hot spring!" Today, Lishan has "goddess soup" and your hometown has "beauty soup". Haha, when the reunification is completed, I will build the most luxurious villa Tangchi for my wife. Xiao Qiao looked up and smiled and said softly, "Thank you, General..."

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The beauty of the Erqiao sisters benefits from the secret of Tangchili hot spring. According to historical records, due to the relative safety of the environment, and the efficacy of hot springs, many people lived in seclusion at the Western foot of the ancient Nanyue in past dynasties. Help the old and bring the young together to keep fit. The northern ruts and the southern ruins are also free and smooth. However, Erqiao failed to return to Tangchiling, Yuexi. As Su Shi said in his poems, "Life is like a dream, a bottle of water is still in Yuanjiang Moon." It is often called Hero helplessness and beauty tears.

After all, because of the barrier of mountains, people who know Yuexi Tangchiding hot spring are mostly confined to people within a hundred miles. Until 2014, the development of Tianyuewan Hot Spring and the rise of hot spring tourism fever, this historical spring hidden in the mountains, was once again well-known and has a growing reputation. By 2016, the Hot Spring Town (Tangchi Town) became the first characteristic town in the country, Tianyuewan welcomed tourists from all parts of the country every day, including many women living and maintaining health.

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