Brief Introduction of Tianyue Bay (Hot Spring) Happy Town

 Tianyuewan (Hot Spring) Happy Town, a peaceful and healthy paradise, is an enterprise mission of Tianyuan International Health Culture Group in Shengshi, Anhui Province. It takes hot springs and traditional Chinese medicine as the leader, and peace of mind culture as the core to establish a nine-maintenance system of food, medicine and mind, and to "sharpen a sword in ten years" with the ingenuity of "promoting traditional Chinese health culture and serving hundreds of millions of people's physical and mental health". Happy health resort.


  Tianyuewan (Hot Spring) Happy Town is a project of Dabie Mountain (Yuexi) International Health Culture Industrial Park, a key project of Shengshi Tianyuan Group, with a planned land area of nearly 6,000 Mu and a planned total investment of 5 billion yuan. The project has completed a number of major recreational and vacation service facilities such as Tianyuewan Hot Spring Park, Huikeju Hot Spring Hotel Cluster, Tianyuewan Chinese Medicine Health Hall, Tianyuewan Stadium, Geothermal Water Supply Station and Style Town. It receives 600,000 tourists and tourists from home and abroad annually, covering the mainland and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, as well as South Korea, Japan, Russia, the United States, Britain, France and Australia. More than 30 countries and regions, such as Asia and New Gabon, have become designated residential bases for well-being of veteran cadres from 10 ministries, including the Ministry of Water Resources, the Ministry of Nuclear Industry and the SASASAC.

(Yuexi International Health Culture Industrial Park Master Plan Effect Map)

  Tianyuewan (Hot Spring) Happy Town is located in the hinterland of the Dabie Mountains, Yuexi County Hot Spring Town, the first batch of national characteristic towns. It is located in N30 87', E 116 34', and the north latitude of the earth runs through four ancient civilizations. It is a mysterious and peculiar latitude line. At the same time, Tianyuewan Hot Spring Happy Town is located in the classical Sulu-Dabie UHP metamorphic belt, which has beneficial gas field, magnetic field and life energy field for human body.

(live shooting of Tianyuewan Hot Spring Happy Town)

  Tianyue Bay (Hot Spring) Happy Town, relying on the superior natural environment, distinctive cultural and tourist characteristics and rich resources of traditional Chinese medicine in Dabie Mountains, takes health care as its core and high-quality pure natural hot springs as its foundation, integrates the diversified functions of health tourism, health preservation of traditional Chinese medicine, living for the aged, literary and sports fitness, and spiritual improvement into one, thus forming a circumferential line to improve the quality of life, physical and mental health. One-stop health tourism destination with complete hardware facilities and sound service system is the goal of maintenance.

(live shooting of Tianyuewan Hot Spring Happy Town)

  Tianyuewan (Hot Spring) Happy Town lasted for ten years. It was planned, constructed and developed in accordance with the "one flower and five leaves" structure. "One Flower" refers to Tianyue Bay Hot Spring Health Holiday Area, and "Five Leaves" refers to Tianyue Bay Tourism, Tianyue Bay Health Care, Tianyue Bay Old-age Care, Tianyue Bay Style and Tianyue Bay Psychological Education respectively.

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