Preventive Treatment of Diseases by Traditional Chinese Medicine for Rehabilitation and Recuperation: Health Preservation of Tianyuewan Traditional Chinese Medicine


  Tianyuewan (Hot Spring) Happy Town Health-keeping Hall of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is characterized by traditional Chinese medicine health-preserving. It has two entities: health-preserving hall and TCM clinic. It is a comprehensive TCM hall that integrates medical physiotherapy, TCM health-preserving and TCM education. Under the guidance of the "health culture of the old and the yellow", the Health Preservation Hall of traditional Chinese medicine adheres to cooperating with renowned physicians, traditional Chinese medicine heirs and senior masters of traditional Chinese medicine, using traditional physical therapy techniques to serve the majority of sub-healthy people.

(Tianyuewan Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Center)

(Shengshi Tianyuan Group signed a cooperation agreement with the old Trade Committee of China Anti-Aging Promotion Union to build the National Anti-Aging Center)

(Shengshi Tianyuan Group signed a cooperation agreement with Shanghai Yixin TCM)

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