The second Beijing international health tourism expo opened in Beijing

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  Exhibitors from 15 countries present their latest health tourism products in the form of picture video on the spot, bringing an extraordinary experience of health tourism in foreign countries from visual, taste, hearing and many other dimensions.

▲The picture is provided by Beijing tianyue bay company in the outfield of the second Beijing international health tourism expo.

  September 7th, the second Beijing international health tourism fair leadership of the national agricultural exhibition center culture and tourism study on modern hotel groups ZhuShanZhong China academy of engineering, the United Nations world tourism organization executive director huang lq Hungarian ambassador to China before Dr. MESZAROS SANDOR FERENC guests at home and abroad, such as representatives to attend the ceremony activities and conduct site tour pavilion health tourism demonstration area demonstration base beauty beauty industry at home and abroad to tourism destination management organization of medical institutions, and other forms of exhibitors attended the meeting.

▲The picture shows the official site of the opening ceremony of the second Beijing international health tourism expo.

  As China's first national health international tourism expo, Beijing international health tourism exhibition aims to create harmony products exhibition sales development and academic research and industrial cooperation of an integrated platform, and is committed to the industry set up a professional trade negotiation on both ends of the bridge between supply and demand in the expo exhibition area, from domestic hebei gansu yunnan guizhou guangxi sichuan qinghai, xinjiang and so on more than 20 provinces (autonomous regions) the rich variety of health tourism products in the field for three days of sales display.

▲The picture shows the booth group marketing center of health and health tourism products in anhui tianyuewan hot spring health resort.

▲The picture shows old people come to anhui tianyuewan hot spring health resort booth healthy tourism products consulting group marketing center photo.

▲The picture shows tourists coming to Tianyuewan Hot Spring Health Holiday Area, Anhui Province to consult the booth of health tourism products. Group Marketing Center Photograph.


  The development of an industry can not be separated from the exploration, application and summary of laws. The 2nd China International Healthy Tourism Summit Forum was held at the same time as the Expo. The theme of the Forum was "Healthy Tourism-Fashion, Science and Technology and Industrialization", and the sub-topics were set around "Products and Industry Chain". Channel merchants, travelers, destinations, resource providers, suppliers and public institutions gathered to participate in the sharing. The elites and entrepreneurs at home and abroad were invited to make in-depth analysis from the industry. Different links of the chain discuss the core issues, explore the laws that have important impact on industrial development and practical value, realize the collision of wisdom between health and tourism industries, and guide industrial development.

  The purpose of this forum is to discover the law of healthy tourism industry, analyze consumption law, conform to the fashion needs of Chinese people, build products and services suitable for healthy tourism market with the support of science and technology, improve the development of healthy tourism industry chain, innovate business model, strengthen cooperation among enterprises, and promote the development of industrial integration.

▲The picture shows Mr. Zhang Jie, President of Shengshi Tianyuan International Health Culture Group, and his delegation attending the booth for guidance. Group Marketing Center.

  During the exposition, the organizers also held "Healthy Tourism - Fashion Life Salon" to exchange views on the theme of "Health, Fashion and Beauty" and the sub-topics of "Healthy Tourism, Opening Fashion New Life" and "Healthy Tourism and Women's Health Management" in the form of women's business gatherings. To provide a platform for women colleagues from all walks of life in the health tourism industry chain to share academic topics, exchanges, dialogues, information and markets.