Tianyuewan Hot Spring

  Tianyuewan Hot Spring has a long history. Inscriptions can be found, the Ming Dynasty Yuexi Hot Spring Town on the construction of bath pool treatment of illness. According to Kangxi's Ann Qing Fu Zhi, there are "hot springs to bathe every year". Ancient poetry praised: "refreshing as crisp, exorcise as God; do not admire Tianchi birds, willing to be a hot spring man."

(Restoration of Tangchi Stele in Daoguang Period)

  According to the monitoring report of Anhui Geological Survey, Tianyuewan Hot Spring is of good quality and belongs to alkaline sodium bicarbonate spring. It contains more than 20 trace elements, such as radon, radium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, ammonia and iron, which are beneficial to human body. It is known as "beauty soup" and has medical effect.

(Tianyuewan Hot Spring Park)

  Tianyuewan Hot Spring Park, designed by Japan's professional hot spring design company, is built with tremendous investment and ingenuity. The Park highlights the theme of hot spring bathing culture and health preservation culture. It is divided into flower and beauty preservation area, health preservation medicine bath area, green agricultural area, Tianyuewan theme area, passionate and dynamic area, Lehuo gourmet area, Zhizun Tangwu area, SPA swimming pool area, parent-child water park and other functional areas. It has 42 outdoor hot spring pools with various characteristics. It is equipped with indoor hot spring swimming pool, hot spring physiotherapy room, dry and wet steaming. "Jingsang" room, aromatherapy room, gym, entertainment room, etc., with daily reception capacity of 3000 people.

(Live shooting of open-air Tangchi in Tianyuewan Hot Spring Park)

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