People's Network: Yuexi, "Ecological Magnetic Field" Platform

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  Yuexi County pays attention to the ecological environment in the construction of the industrial transfer demonstration zone in Wanjiang City Belt. It resolutely vetoes the entry projects by "environmental assessment" and strictly enforces the "four non-admissions". It strictly prohibits the entry of chemical, energy-intensive, eco-resource depletion and high-emission projects, and successively rejects the entry of more than 10 enterprises engaged in wood and bamboo products processing and ceramic manufacturing. In the process of enterprise planning, construction and production, we strictly implement the "three simultaneous" system of environmental protection, and intensify supervision to ensure that no case of excessive discharge.

  With the linking of expressways, the magnetic field effect of ecological resources in Yuexi is further highlighted, especially in the tourism industry. In recent years, foreign capital has rushed to the beach of Yuexi tourist attractions, and a number of important tourism development projects have been started. As an important part of Yuexi's ecological economy, tourism industry is expected to blowout this year and even in the future.

  With the acceleration of undertaking industrial transfer, Yuexi's "ecological magnetic field" will attract more people. Yuexi will become an important revolutionary traditional education base, leisure and vacation base and self-cultivation base in the Yangtze River Delta region and surrounding cities. Blue sky, white clouds, green mountains and green waters, about 75% of the forest coverage, in the process of undertaking industrial transfer, Yuexi Jade in the Dabie Mountains, not only plays an important role in ecological barrier, but also can fully take advantage of the potential to expand the unique ecological economy.

  "Consolidate and upgrade the three characteristic industries of tea, mulberry and mining, cultivate a number of new industries such as Camellia oleifera, trichosanthes, bamboo and ecological breeding, take the initiative to undertake and attract a number of agricultural industrialization projects with impetus to settle in Yuexi. Explore the construction of tea, vegetable, ecological aquaculture and other characteristic industrial concentration areas. We will build Yuexi into a high-quality agricultural production county in central and Eastern China and a supply base for green and organic food. "Yuexi, as a characteristic agricultural county, has made such a plan in the layout of undertaking industrial transfer. Also this year, the Cui Lan Tea Processing Project, with a total investment of 200 million yuan, was officially launched. The implementation of this project is expected to fundamentally change the development mode of tea industry, the primary agricultural industry in Yuexi, and also change the pattern of tea industry development in Anhui and even in a wider scope.

  "We need not only Jinshan and Yinshan, but also green water and green mountains. "Enterprise development, environmental protection first". In Yuexi Economic Development Zone, reporters have seen such striking signs in many places. In the wave of big transfer and big acceptance, such signs are more alert.

  The construction of the park is undoubtedly the most important part of the economic development of Yuexi in recent years. Yuexi Economic Development Zone was approved by the provincial government in 2006. By the end of 2009, 60 enterprises had been stationed, 32 enterprises had put into operation and achieved good results. In 2009, the industrial output value was 650 million yuan. Also last year, the Development Zone was officially selected as the "100 Eco-parks" of the whole country through the evaluation of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Economic Development Research Center of the State Council. The development of Yuexi Economic Development Zone started late with a high starting point and a high speed. At the same time, in recent years, Yuexi Swan, Tianxin, Changning and other characteristic industrial parks have also developed rapidly. Relying on these industrial parks, a number of projects, such as marine diesel turbocharger, which have invested more than 100 million yuan, have settled down. The pattern of multi-park Industrial Development in Yuexi District has been formed, which has become an important platform for undertaking industrial transfer and enlarging and strengthening the ecological economy.

  Make the park a brand and undertake more projects to settle down. In the process of undertaking the transfer, Yuexi Park not only strives to make great achievements, focusing on key industries such as automobile and distribution electronics, textile and apparel, and intensive processing of agricultural by-products, to promote industrial clusters, but also insists on never acting in disorder, and strictly prohibits the entry of projects such as high energy consumption, ecological resource depletion and high emissions. In recent years, more than ten projects that do not meet the requirements of Yuexi's eco-economic strategy have been rejected, involving hundreds of millions of yuan of investment.

  Low threshold of policy, wide threshold of service and high threshold of environmental protection. As an important part of Yuexi's "ecological magnetic field", Yuexi Economic Development Zone is surrounded by green hills and green water running through the city.

  Years ago, the project of Hot Spring International Health Culture Industrial Park, which was jointly invested by six enterprises for 1.5 billion yuan, was officially launched. This project is the largest investment project in Yuexi up to now, and it has been listed as the top ten key projects in Yuexi in 2010.

  As long as it meets the requirements of ecological protection in Yuexi and can increase people's income, it is necessary to actively strive for and take the initiative to undertake it. Yuexi's greatest advantage is ecological resources,'ecological magnetic field'is the best platform to undertake. We should seize the important opportunity to undertake the construction of industrial transfer demonstration zone in Wanjiang urban belt, and make Yuexi's ecological economy bigger and stronger. "Recently, Wang Qianshen, Secretary of Yuexi County Party Committee, said confidently in an interview.