Hefei Evening News: From "Human Air Conditioning" to "Empty Hand Suction" What kind of hidden mystery

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 In some movies and TV works, we often see such scenes: some people with a bit of luck, wheeze lightly sucked up a big steel ball with their bare hands; others, although the sky is hot and people sweat like rain, he still has a long sleeve, no sweat at at at all... Don't mention that there are such amazing people around us.

  Although I haven't seen Zhao Bi in his 40s, we recognized a little different from Mr. Zhao at the first glance among a large group of people: a thick long shirt and trousers, a fan, quite a bit of fairy spirit.

  In Hefei in summer, the outdoor temperature is over 40, and it happens to be noon. Zhao Bi's all-in-one dress makes those of us who wear short-sleeved shirts and shorts and sweat profusely envy him. So, our topic began here, "Mr. Zhao, are you really not hot?" "It's not hot, or you'll feel sweaty." When we touch it with our hands, it is true that our arms are not only sweatless, but also very cold.

  It seems that Zhao Bi's "kungfu" is well-known.

  Zhao Bixian, born in Hefei, has made public his skills such as "empty-handed suction", "human air conditioning", "Taiji health preservation", "rooting under feet", "four-step work", "internal and external air amplification", "Chinese kungfu calligraphy", "human air conditioning" has been notarized, and has obtained the certificate of "the heaviest empty-handed suction in the world". He has been repeatedly certified by CCTV, Zhejiang TV, Anhui TV, etc. A number of media reports, and as a guest of CCTV, attended the celebration of the 70th birthday banquet of Taiwan's "King of Quick-witted Songs" Emperor Zhang.

So, how does Zhao Bi have this "Geshi Kung Fu"?

  Originally, seven years ago, Zhao Bi, who had been in a sub-healthy state, met Tai Chi in an accidental opportunity because of the pressure of work and life and a long period of overdraft. After several exercises, he gradually fell in love with this kind of exercise. "When he began to contact Tai Chi, the effect of exercise was not obvious. Because of the poor physical condition at that time, they often slept late in the morning and did not go out to exercise until the afternoon. Zhao Bi said, "Turn around a few months later, in the process of practicing Tai Chi, I feel a different reaction from ordinary people. My arms have a strong sense of heat, which is the feeling of heat, numbness or itching when practicing or concentrating on a part of the body."

According to experts, this kind of abnormal reaction usually occurs only when practitioners have practiced Taijiquan for more than ten years, and Zhao Bi has reached this level in a few months. It is really amazing that he should have a body different from ordinary people. In ancient times, it is said that "bone is wonderful" and "nothing in a million".

  In Zhao Bi's opinion, this may be related to his mentality of practicing Tai Chi. "When I first learned Tai Chi, I was not bound by the teacher and was diligent in thinking. When the teacher mentioned"force is at the root of my palm", I wanted to know why Tai Chi is so powerful, why not"force is at the fingertip"? Therefore, he slowly figured out that with his better understanding, he realized the best realm of "everywhere fist on body" in Taijiquan. With the time of practicing Tai Chi getting longer and longer, Zhao Bi slowly did not feel hot in summer and cold in winter, and one day, he suddenly found himself "empty-handed suction"...

  The Mystery Behind "Human Air Conditioning" and "Empty Hand Suction"

  In movies or TV, we often see a martial arts master in winter exercise, wearing a thin shirt, just sit down can resist cold, and even sweat dripping. Zhao Bi got inspiration from it. He thought, since the body temperature can be maintained by accelerating the circulation of blood and gas in the cold winter, can it also make the body cool and refreshing in the hot summer, without sweating? Therefore, Zhao Bi began to regulate his own blood circulation under high temperature, challenging the limit.

  In July last year, Zhao Bi performed "Human Air Conditioning" Kung Fu on an afternoon with a temperature of more than 40 degrees: Zhao Bi dressed up in a long gown and was leisurely and complacent in Tai Chi. Not only did he not sweat, but Zhao Yingjie, an expert in respiratory medicine of Anhui Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, who witnessed the Kung Fu on the spot, said that his whole body was covered with sweat and goose bumps. At that time, the Hengzheng Notary Office of Hefei City notarized the authenticity of this phenomenon on the spot and issued a notary certificate.

  Why does Zhao Bi have this function? Did he really become a man of God? The answer, of course, is No. "He can feel cold, which should be related to psychological cues." Zhao Yingjie said, "Through a long-term exercise, he produced a psychological suggestive response, which increased the function of self-regulation, and then reduced the body's heat production, reactively causing the cold state."

  For "empty-handed suction", there is also a video on the Internet, Zhao Bi stably sucked up a steel ball about 40 centimeters in diameter with his bare hands. Some netizens questioned the authenticity of the video. To be honest, we also have some doubts about this: can the power of this hand really suck up such a big thing? Zhao Bi seems to see our doubts, just on the table there is a teapot, Zhao Bi stood calm, and then slowly extended his right hand, flat on the right side of the teapot, a little luck, the teapot really sucked up! And we can't pull it down anyway.

  What I want to say is that empty-handed inhalation is a simple phenomenon, not the result of my deliberate practice. It was also an occasional opportunity for me to find that there was a kind of attraction between my hands that could suck up something. In fact, Zhao Bi does not advocate doing more of this kind of work, "because empty-handed inhalation is not very helpful to health preservation. On the contrary, it will affect the human body to a certain extent, because it is an anti-natural phenomenon, which requires a lot of internal work. The reason why I want to perform Taiji empty-handed suction is to prove my internal merits. In 2010, Zhao Bi won the certificate of "the heaviest empty-handed suction in the world" issued by China World Records Association and the world's most certificate.

  Don't mention it, because "empty-handed suction" is a kind of "magic skill", which also leads to a lot of interesting things. On one occasion, a young man, after seeing Zhao Bi's "empty-handed suction", was very envious of it and badgered Zhao Bi to tell him the way to go back to school by himself. Zhao Bi has repeatedly warned himself not to learn so as not to hurt his body. Within two days, the young man came to him again and really "practiced" his fingers...

  Health preservation is a way of life

  "Of course I'm not a god-man." In fact, whether it is `empty-handed suction', `human body air conditioning', or `Taiji health preservation', `rooting at the foot', `four steps'and so on, I have only one purpose in practicing these skills, namely, health preservation. For example,'human body air-conditioning', if you can keep your body warm in summer and not cold in winter through health preservation, is it not good? Zhao Bi is also a health consultant of Anhui Shengshi Tianyuan International Health Culture Development Co., Ltd.

  Zhao Bi said that in contemporary life, many urban white-collar workers work hard to earn money but neglect their health, but in the end they spend money to buy health. If we pay more attention to it and apply it to our daily life, we will surely get rid of many unnecessary illnesses. "The way I sum up to keep in good health is through close contact with nature and then through my own understanding -'Tao follows nature, and man and nature are one'. We should make friends with nature and keep close contact with nature in peacetime. By observing how nature balances itself and keeps on living, we can understand how people as individuals achieve their own harmony between Yin and Yang.

  In Zhao Bi's concept, health preservation is "everywhere", and it should be comprehensive health preservation, through diversified health preservation to achieve the balance of the human body. "In the spare time, you can move slightly, such as meditation, slow movement, such as feeling the collar with your neck, reactions such as stretching, you can also do some folding, stretching, rotating movements, these are health preservation. But these are not for health.

  In order to let more people achieve the effect of health preservation through a simpler way, Zhao Bi also invented the "sharp weapon" of health preservation - balance hand through his own research. "Whether it's traditional Chinese medicine or health preservation, it's about balance, just as I practice Tai Chi. Only by maintaining balance can the human body be healthy, and if the balance is out of balance, the human body will get sick. Zhao Bi said that the balance hand he invented can adjust the balance of the human body very well. It is composed of Yin and Yang balls and connecting bars. Through the twisting of left and right hands and balls, as well as the massage and beating of meridians and collaterals, it achieves the effect of strengthening and sensitizing the human holographic system.

  "Let foster care become a way of life." If we can really understand the meaning of Zhao Bi's sentence, it is not difficult to understand the mysteries hidden behind such skills as "empty-handed suction" and "human body air conditioning".