Jinbang Title, Pengcheng Wanli/Huikeju Teacher's Thanksgiving Banquet/First Festival

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Peach and plum fragrant graduation season, the most reluctant to teach teachers and students.

Hui Keju Boutique Hotel solemnly launched this summer's "Xie Shi Banquet / Top Feast" series, multiple surprises! Huikeju Boutique Hotel Huicui chef carefully cooks delicious dishes for you, customizes the most touching banquet for parents, in order to express the gratitude of students.

Tianyue Bay is a harbor for students to fly their dreams; Hui Keju, elegant environment, intimate service, add color to the title of your set-up list, make the atmosphere of feeling for your mentor stronger, and record a warm and unforgettable memory for you.

Thanksgiving for meeting Hui Keju, a cup of wine feast expresses deep feelings. From now on, those who come to Hui Keju boutique hotel to book a banquet for thanking teachers (the first prize banquet) will enjoy the following super-value concessions (one of them). Customers can also enjoy more special discounts when they go to Tianyuewan Hot Spring on the banquet day.

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