Tianyue Bay's first most handsome "cat dad" is gathering.

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  June, the day of concern, Dragon Boat Festival and Father's Day, these two rich festivals coincide.
  For fathers, we always have many metaphors: fathers are a mountain, fathers love is a kind of responsibility, fathers are a ladder to the sky... In fact, we know too little about our father, we haven't read his white hair and wrinkles carefully, and his sigh when he was alone.
  The Dragon Boat Festival, which has been handed down to this day, is a memorable memory of Chinese children. Regarding its origin, there are many versions, such as commemorating Quyuan and Wu Zixu. No matter which one, it embodies a strong national spirit.
  In order to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival and Father's Day, Tianyue Bay holds special value-added activities. Come and join us.

  1. Award-winning online solicitation for "the most handsome photo of cat and dad"

  Do you remember Russell, the handsome cat dad in "Tiger Mother and Cat Dad"? Or your dad is so handsome, when he was a child, he always raised us high above his head. When you have a baby, will you express your love to him in the same way?

  From June 6 to June 19 at 12:00 noon, pay attention to Tianyuewan Wechat, enter "Cat Dad" in the dialog box to participate in the registration, upload creative pictures to express father and son or father and daughter's affection, then participate in our online prize collection activities, we will select the most popular "Cat Dad" according to the results of the open online voting, and the contestants and contestants who won the first place will have. Unexpected surprise!

  You're not mistaken. You're just so wayward. Get involved!

  1. How to sign up for the activity?

  1. Take out your mobile phone, open the Wechat, scan the two-dimensional code and pay attention to the public platform of Tianyue Bay.

  2. Type "Cat Dad" in the dialog box, that is, "the first most handsome"Cat Dad"in Tianyue Bay is collecting." Click to enter the picture page, please fill in the father's real name, contact the mobile phone, upload the most handsome photos of father and son (father and daughter) 2-3 photos, plus a couple of attractive and innovative slogans, OK.

  2. What are the requirements for registration?

  1. Everyone who is a father or has a father can participate in the competition.

  2. There must be photographs of father and son, father and daughter.

  3. Contact information and father's name must be true, otherwise, won the prize can not be accepted oh.

  3.How to vote?
  You can invite friends and relatives to vote for your entries. A cell phone micro-signal can vote 10 times a day, but only one vote can be given to the same "cat dad" every day, colleagues, friends, classmates, acquaintances... Anyone who can use Wechat can vote for you.

  In the lower right corner of the campaign, there are also canvassing strategies carefully prepared for you by Xiaobian. With these strategies, as long as your circle of friends is large enough and your network is wide enough, the first prize is totally no problem.

  4. What are the rewards?

  The prize, I'm sure you will like it!

  In order to improve the enthusiasm of voting netizens, all those who participated in the event and concerned about "Tianyue Bay" will have the opportunity to get a family value package of Tianyue Bay.

  Cat and dad champion: 1
  Prize: A ticket for Tianyuewan Hot Spring plus an ancient health spa product valued at 10,000 yuan. It can carry 2 family members.
  Cat Dad Runner-up: 5
  Prize: A Ticket for Tianyuewan Hot Spring + Private Health Spa Products with a Value of 7000 Yuan
  Cat Dad Third Runner-up: 10
  Prize: A Ticket for Tianyuewan Hot Spring + 5,000 yuan worth of Ancient Health Spa Products
  Competition schedule
  1. Participation: First, open the tweet add friends find the public number enter sstytyw (Tianyuewan) click on the attention, or press the two-dimensional code in the following figure for three seconds, there will be "two-dimensional code in the recognition map" Click to enter the registration directly.

  2. Fill in your father's real name, contact your cell phone, upload 2-3 photos of your father and son (father and daughter), add one or two attractive and innovative slogans and click "sign up".

  3. Dads who participated in the "Cat Dad" contest have noticed that the top 100 "Cat Dad" in the contest can receive a prize of high quality.

  4. Registration time: 08:00 on June 6 - 24:00 on June 15, avoiding working hours (8:00 - 12:00, 14:00 - 18:00), voting time: 6 June - 19 June, the winner list will be announced on June 20, you can vote on "Tianyue Bay's first handsome cat dad" is collecting activities by Wechat, all-weather voting on Saturdays and Sundays. According to the number of popular votes, the most popular "cat dad" was selected and awarded prizes.

  5. There are no judges in this activity, and the final ranking will be decided by the votes of the children and relatives and friends of "cat dad". Those who cheat in the voting process will be disqualified once they are found out.

  6. In this event, every official Weixin fan in Tianyuewan can vote 10 votes a day, and every participating "cat dad" can get one vote a day. When Wechat's attention was cancelled, the number of votes dropped accordingly.

  7. Award Receiving Method: After the voting, Tianyuewan and the official Wechat platform announce the list of winners and the specific methods of award acceptance.

  8. The final interpretation of this event is Tianyue Bay.

Warm reminder: Be sure not to cancel the attention to Tianyue Bay. Tianyue Bay is the ownership of your soul. Tianyue Bay takes you to know Yuexi, which is the window for Yuexi wanderers to know their hometown. What's the reason to cancel such "artifacts"?

   "Cat Dad" Registration Contact and Competition Advisory Telephone: 0556-5769999

  II. Offline Activities

  Father's love is as deep as a mountain, father's chest is an ocean, in this ocean, there will always be many warm details, let us slowly aftertaste. Rare Dragon Boat Festival and Father's Day perfect encounter, then father and son together Tianyuewan bar, together to deduce your own story, let love last forever!

  Activity time: From June 20 to June 22, 2015 (Dragon Boat Festival on June 20 and Father's Day on June 21), both father and son can enjoy a set price of 98 yuan for each of them when they arrive at Tianyue Bay.