This summer is unusual. Huikeju Boutique Hotel offers special dishes every day.

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  There are always some cares that are so casual, Huikeju boutique hotel is such a wholehearted caregiver, civilian consumption, noble enjoyment, is no exaggeration.

  Excellent dishes, delicious and inexpensive, have been reluctant to part with those who have come to Huikeju, which is the best proof. Huikeju boutique hotel is a home-cooked restaurant beside you. In this summer, continue to give you different care. Summer set meals will make you feel unprecedented value.

Our starting point is to make profits. By making profits and establishing lasting friendship, everyone who has been here will never forget that there is still a very beautiful place in the world - Huike Habitat in Yuexi, Anhui Province. We have 100% sincerity, make friends all over the world, Huike can have enough sincerity.

From June 18 to August 30, Huikeju Boutique Hotel launched a special dish every day, looking forward to your taste...