Anhui tianyue bay company carried out fire drill in the third quarter of 2018

CREATE_TIME:2018-09-23 VIEWS:1233

To strengthen and improve emergency management, improve employee fire safety consciousness and the ability of emergency evacuation, to ensure that the guest's life and property safety, September 22 afternoon, day yue wan company special in hui can be in 1 to 2 floor for fire emergency evacuation escape drill activities unit leadership staff more than 100 people took part in the practice activity also invited yuexi county fire department trainers live visit guidance.

The purpose of this exercise is to further strengthen the fire safety awareness of employees, improve the ability of emergency rescue and self-rescue, and get familiar with the method of alarm and rescue and escape in case of emergency. Through the mutual cooperation and participation of the personnel of all departments, the accident prediction can be fully done, so that the emergency knowledge of the personnel of all departments can be improved, the emergency organization and emergency work process can be familiar with and understood, the joint cooperation can be strengthened, the emergency handling capacity can be improved, and the safety of all employees and guests can be ensured.

Drills began, the simulation on the second floor of the hotel caught fire, immediately find the fire employees report security officer, safety officer received a report at the scene of fire information, make judgment to alert, notify the emergency response teams report to director of emergency management and emergency office director of receiving a fire report to the commander-in-chief of the circumstances, and start the fire emergency plan, set up the scene immediately command the emergency group members according to the plan; Fire action team to control the spread of the fire and put out the scene of the fire; Technical treatment group, evacuation guidance group, safety alert group, logistics support group, immediately implement emergency support measures, close non-fire important facilities, successfully evacuate trapped personnel and rescue injured personnel until all personnel safely evacuated to a safe area, all departments count and report the number of evacuees.

After the rehearsal, county fire department leaders to review this drill, gave a definite confirmation of the event, also points out the problems existing in the activities of its stressed that the exercise is to practice, is the accumulation of experience, and experience to help in a real fire maximum fewer casualties in the company of this drill is summarized its said that the exercise nervous and orderly, emergency environment create lifelike, security work in place, exercises, achieves the expected effect.

The emergency evacuation drill activities not only implement the day yue bay company deal with emergency measures, but also improve the actual response and disposal of emergency worker's ability to further enhance the staff fire safety consciousness, preliminary mastered in danger quickly to escape the basic ways of rescue, the whole exercise has reached the expected purpose.