Shengshi Tianyuan Party Branch Knowledge Competition

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  In order to commemorate the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, strengthen the Party building work of Tianyuan International Health Culture Group in Shengshi, Anhui Province, and improve the theoretical level and Party spirit of the Party members, on the afternoon of July 24, the Party branch of the Group successfully held a party building knowledge contest with the theme of "Never forget the first intention to follow the Party". Hu Wenli, Director of the Party Joint Office of the Organizational Department of Yuexi County Committee, Charlie Da, Chairman of the Discipline Inspection Unit of the County Land and Resources Bureau, and Gong Wanqian, a member of the Party Committee of Paradise Town, attended the event. Zhang Jie, Chairman of Shengshi Tianyuan Group, and all members and activists of the group participated.

  There are three types of questions in this knowledge contest: the required answer, the rush answer and the risk question. Four teams of 32 Party members, activists and comrades applying for membership were formed to compete. After an hour and a half of fierce competition, the "Megatron Quartet" team led by Yan Yisheng, a discipline inspection member of the Party branch, won the first place in the group with the highest score of 450 points, and 10 other participants, such as Chu Weimin, won the award of outstanding players. This knowledge competition of Party building has achieved the goal of replacing learning by competition and promoting the use of learning. Everyone takes this activity as an opportunity to remember the Party's purpose, firm ideals and beliefs, never forget the original heart, remember the mission, and play a vanguard role of Party members based on their own positions.

Questions answered by the audience at the event

  Shengshi Party Branch was established on June 5, 2012, with 26 full members. In recent years, the Party branch has been focusing on the development of Party building. The life of Party organizations is rich and varied. The ranks of Party members have been growing. Party organizations and Party members have played a role of fighting fortress and positive exemplary role in the development of enterprises. The influence and cohesion of Party organizations in enterprises have been increasing. In particular, in various social public welfare activities, such as helping poor households, donating "Project of Hope" and poor college students, subsidizing families of employees in difficulty in enterprises, giving warmth and respecting the elderly to help the poor, and fighting disasters and disaster relief, we should promote positive energy and excellent virtues, which have aroused great repercussions in society. From 2017 to 2018, the branch successively won the honorary title of "Advanced Grass-roots Party Organization". In 2018, it was awarded "Advanced Unit of Non-public Party Construction". The Party building of non-public enterprises in the county is in the forefront. Recently, after the study of the county committee, it is proposed to be commended as a "five-star non-public enterprise party organization" in the county.