Source of prosperity Condolences to Fire Officers and Soldiers

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  On the afternoon of July 30, on the eve of the Army Day of August 1, five people, including Tian Haifeng, the engineering director of Shengshi Tianyuan Group, Li Ping, the chairman of the trade union, Liu Yan, the president's office director, came to the Yuexi County Fire Brigade to console the firefighters and send them summer comforts, such as mineral water and watermelon, to send good wishes and festival greetings to all the officers and soldiers and express their deep feelings for the people's children and soldiers. Friendship.

  For a long time, the fire officers and soldiers have carried forward the spirit of "obeying the Party's command, winning battles and having a good style of work", and made outstanding contributions to maintaining social stability, the safety of people's lives and property, and ensuring the safety of production of enterprises in their jurisdictions.

  During the condolences, Tian Haifeng, engineering director of Shengshi Tianyuan Group, had a cordial exchange with the leadership of the fire brigade. Director Tian pointed out that over the years, Yuexi Fire Brigade has given great support and assistance to the fire protection work of Shengshi Tianyuan Group. We sincerely thank them and express our sincere gratitude to them. We will continue to do a good job in supporting the army and actively support the army construction.