Unforgetting Political Birthday and Bearing in mind the Identity of Party Members

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  "Political Birthday" is of great significance to Party members. On this day, we made a choice of belief, opened a political journey, and endowed life with new responsibilities and meanings. On the afternoon of June 8, the Party Committee of Shengshi Tianyuan Group, with its branch units, launched the theme party day activity of "never forget political birthdays and remember the identity of Party members", reviewing the affidavit of joining the Party once again, reviewing the course of joining the Party once again, organizing a life meeting and sending a birthday card, focusing on celebrating the "political birthdays" for Party members, further enhancing the awareness of Party members and improving their Party spirit.

  The main contents of this activity are as follows:

  One is to organize a signature event for political birthdays. All Party members solemnly wrote down their political life in the "My Political Birthday" card. At the same time, Comrade Wu Ling, Party branch secretary, and Vice Secretary Li Ping presented birthday cards and birthday gifts to Party members.

  Second, revisit the oath of joining the Party once again. All Party members held up their right hands and, under the leadership of the organizing member, Chu Weimin, took solemn oaths in the face of the Party flag. The atmosphere was solemn and solemn. Every Party member and activist present received a profound education of Party spirit and a baptism of soul.

  Third, Party members should organize life meetings. We will further strengthen our ideals and beliefs and our determination to follow the Party forever by telling us about our motivation, time of joining the Party and who we are introducing to the Party. At the same time, by organizing life meetings, criticizing and self-criticizing, consulting the promises at the beginning of the year, we should improve ourselves by introspecting ourselves, and guide Party members to actively devote themselves to various key tasks, so as to promote the integration and common development of Party building and production and operation.


  Fourthly, all Party members voted unanimously to accept two reserve Party members, Cha Yunfang and Hu Jiecheng, to become full Party members and congratulate them.

  Fifthly, the Tianyuan Party Branch of the "July 1st Celebration" flourishing period will not forget its initial intention to follow the party's knowledge competition activities, hoping that all members of the Party will actively participate in the contest and achieve results.

  This theme activity is a profound self-reflection, a purification and hardening of the Party spirit. By reviewing the working process since joining the Party, we can regain our original sincerity, strengthen our ideals and beliefs, and enhance our Party members'sense of honor, responsibility and mission. Everyone has expressed that we should always bear in mind the identity of Party members, give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, keep up with the pace of the company's Party committees, never forget the first thought and move forward, take the initiative to integrate into the new era, undertake new missions, and make the glory of political life more brilliant and long-term in work practice.