A "red envelope rain" full of love

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  June 11, last night. In the family of the original silent Tianyuewan Hot Spring Resort, a news released by manager Hu Jiecheng of the Hot Spring Department immediately attracted my attention.——

  "I just got the news that Sister Hu Saijin, a PA employee in our department, was diagnosed with brain tumors and was hospitalized for surgery. Sister Hu Saijin is in charge of daily hygiene and cleaning work. She is kind-hearted and diligent, and has always been a good employee in the eyes of leaders and a good elder sister in the eyes of colleagues. But the high cost of surgery and the cost of rehabilitation treatment in the later stage is undoubtedly a severe blow to this poor family.

  When I saw the news, my heart seemed to be hanging up. I was eager to know what I could do for this elder sister. However, what happened next gave me a warm current: one minute after the news was sent out, Yin Haie, a colleague of the Finance Department, sent out a "red envelope" and said, "With a little heart, I hope she will recover soon." A colleague in the housekeeping department did not notice the information in the group at first, but thought it was a common "red envelope grabbing". He immediately returned it and sent another "red envelope" saying "I wish my elder sister a speedy recovery". Then, "This is my hundred, I hope that Hu Dajie can recover and return to our family as soon as possible", "This is my fifty, I hope to help Hu Dajie", "I donate two hundred, I wish you a speedy recovery"... In the absence of any organization at all, our "Tianyue Bay Family" was immediately brushed by the "red envelopes" of love. 

  At 9:33, President Zhang Jie, who was still on a business trip, noticed this unusually "lively" group chat. After learning the facts, he donated RMB 10,000 in his personal name and left a message to Manager Hu Jiecheng: Please accept my donation and ask me to say hello to Hu Dajie's family if there are other difficult companies to help solve. At the same time, President Zhang Jie also told you in the group: "Our company's mission is to carry forward the traditional Chinese health culture and serve the physical and mental health of millions of people. But I hope that our family members can pay attention to their health at the same time, after all, health is the wealth of our life. The "red envelope rain" lasted from more than 9 o'clock until midnight, and spread from Tianyue Bay family to Tianyuan family in the flourishing age. A driver of the group said after donating money: one party is in trouble, eight parties support, do a modest effort, hope elder sister recovers soon! Since then, from top executives to grass-roots employees. No matter which department, regardless of the position, everyone spontaneously gave their love. For a while, the group's concern greetings were drowned out by a donation and a sound of blessing. These include the sincerest feelings of every employee in Tianyue Bay. Some colleagues sent a circle of friends to lament: the original inadvertent positive energy can affect everyone around you! Some colleagues also said that they always thought that the corporate culture was just talk, but tonight, I fully understand the meaning of the "family" culture we believe in. Big love really does not exist boundaries. Wang Yandeng, director of personnel department, also issued a piece of praise for the family of Tianyue Bay: as a builder of corporate culture, a cultural heritage, a human resources teacher, I saw that this is the power of culture, this is the strength of the team, honest and friendly family let such a great power of love blossom constantly! I think all family members are shocked at this moment, culture we can not touch, but at the critical moment, it shows his strength and role. Big Sister will feel such strength and energy, early and healthy return!


  From 9 o'clock last night till now, donations have not stopped. Some colleagues only paid attention to this information this morning. They found that there was no money in the Wechat. They immediately took out the money and asked their colleagues to transfer it on their behalf. Some colleagues because they can not operate smartphones, but also find their leadership to express their hope to give a loving wish. On the first day of work this morning, Tianyuewan Party Branch, Trade Union and Personnel Department moved quickly to register donations. Tomorrow, the leaders of Tianyuewan will visit Sister Hu Saijin in Hefei and hand over the money full of deep love to her relatives.

In this way, Tianyue Bay family in a specific time and space, the great goodness and love of human nature into a strong team cohesion. All this is so natural and tacit. Like relatives, they care for each other and help each other silently. They send a warm welcome to Hu Saijin's family. They hope that she can get good treatment, recover soon, return to our side, and return to our warm family!