Happy Dream Tianyue Bay

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Last night, I fell asleep listening to the rain. It was rare for me to have a good night's dream. Wake up naturally in the morning, without a trace of sadness, a sense of relaxation. Half of the curtain is drawn, and the sky is still blue after the rain and smoke; half of the window is open, and the fresh air slowly enters the room, refreshing and refreshing.

When I got up and strolled along the lake, I saw two egrets flying across the river to Tianyuewan Hot Spring Park, which was opposite, and then came back again. Between the hotel and the river, there is a vast lawn, green grass and graceful water. In a wooden floor platform, dozens of people play Taijiquan under the guidance of an elder in white Taijiquan clothes. Their movements are coordinated and uniform, and their postures are relaxed and graceful. On a four-cornered Pavilion crowded with flowers and grass by the lake, 78 Russian guests studied Taoist health preservation skills there. This is a small health team in Russia. It is said that every month a Russian health regiment comes here for vacation. Because I suffer from serious insomnia, I came to Tianyuewan by a friend and lived for a few days with a try mentality. After the physiotherapy and dietary guidance of the teacher in the Chinese Medicine Museum, insomnia really improved these days, from two sleeping pills a night to half. More than half a hundred people, although no serious illness, overdraft of the body caused serious sub-health, especially long-term insomnia, which sharply increased my great life distress. Fortunately, I am still a more optimistic and good communicator, otherwise I would really be driven out of depression by insomnia. These days in Tianyue Bay, I have made many new friends in Tianyue Bay. The elder professor of Taijiquan, surnamed Xia, is 68 years old. He comes from Chen Jiagou, Henan Province. He is the authentic heir of Chen's Taijiquan. He said that he was a disciple of Wang Xi'an. In 2012, at the invitation of Mr. Zhang Jie, Mr. Xia came to Tianyue Bay and founded the "Bie Shan (Tianyue Bay) Branch of Wang Xi'an Boxing Research Institute". With the support of Tianyue Bay Health Holiday Area, he set up a Taijiquan Hall and was responsible for teaching Taijiquan free to tourists coming to Tianyue Bay. Looking at his vivid appearance, I really envy him. Most of the tourists who study Taijiquan are retired comrades. They come from different cities and all come to live and keep fit. Take a break from Taijiquan and they eat. In the breakfast room, I met my sister, who asked me how I slept last night. I said last night was the best night for me to sleep in Tianyuewan, and I had a good dream. Sister Xin smiled.

Sister Xin is a physiotherapist for me. She is from Shijiazhuang. She was well known in Shijiazhuang and has her own Chinese medicine physiotherapy hall. Because she suffered from environmental pollution, she came to the hinterland of Dabie Mountains to escape the haze. She was introduced by Mr. Zhang Jie as a talented person and worked in Tianyuewan Chinese Medical Health Care Center. She "devoted herself to the reversal of functional disorders of middle-aged and elderly people" with the external treatment technology of traditional Chinese medicine, which relieved the suffering of many middle-aged and elderly patients with chronic diseases, and was highly praised by everyone. Although she abandoned her home and original career in Shijiazhuang, Tianyuewan has achieved a more organic and perfect combination of her career and life. Last year, after 19 years of solitude, she was hit by love. Her husband, Fu, is also a doctor working in a private medical institution in Hefei. Speaking of this love, she said humourously: I did not expect that my age can also become a "Fu (happy) woman"! She not only got rid of the chronic illness, but also made the traditional Chinese medicine health hall a wind and water source. Now she has served as the general manager of Tianyuewan Big Health Company. In Tianyue Bay, she ushered in the second spring of her life, with a double harvest of career and love. Xinjie carries out TCM physiotherapy lectures on TV and internet, guides people's health concepts, and teaches the knowledge and methods of "pre-treatment". She said, "Just sleeping well every day, I fell in love with it. "Happy Dream Tianyue Bay". It's true and true! 

I understand that Sister Xin went to Tianyue Bay to pursue a "good dream" and became an open secret. Long-term sleep disorders not only affect work and reduce the quality of life, but also cause physical and mental diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, cancer, depression, and even endanger life. Every year March 21 is World Sleep Day, so how important sleep is! Healthy sleep, away from chronic diseases, has become a universal prayer. Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hefei and Hangzhou middle-aged and old-aged residential teams go to Tianyue Bay one batch after another, not only for sightseeing, but also to meet the basic physiological needs of "sleeping well".

It is known that the forest coverage rate of Yuexi reaches 76.4%, and the content of negative oxygen ions is more than 6 times higher than that of the World Health Organization's "fresh air" standard, reaching 8000-20000 per cubic centimeter. Negative oxygen ions have a very important impact on human life activities, known as "air vitamins", which is beneficial to sub-healthy people and the elderly to improve sleep. Fresh air + negative oxygen ion + medical hot springs + geomagnetic field + traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy + diet conditioning + health-keeping exercise + self-cultivation, which is a set of health "combination boxing" in Tianyue Bay, for insomnia and other chronic diseases and sub-health patients, immediate results!

People sleep well and are in a good mood. When experiencing hot springs in Tianyuewan, when receiving physiotherapy in the Chinese medicine health center, when exercising in the gym, when tasting tea in the six health centers in Huikeju... I would like to express my sincere thanks to the staff of Tianyuewan for the happy days and the rare "good dreams" they have given me. Most of them are local people. Before they came to Tianyue Bay, they had left their homes and wandered around to work. "My parents are very old, so I can't rest assured of them. I worked in Tianyuewan in 2014 and fulfilled my dream of home. Not only did I take care of my parents, but I also married a local daughter-in-law." Xiao Liu said, "My children, who have been brought by grandparents for a long time, often dream of calling for their mothers and fathers. After my husband and I returned home to work, the children were happiest. The boy used to be a fat man, but now he's a handsome boy." I know that many children, because their parents are not around, sleeping at night and sleeping during the day, lead to inattention, learning motivation decline, and even intellectual development is lower than that of healthy children in the same period. At the same time, sleep problems can also cause many physical diseases, such as growth retardation, overweight and obesity, and even psychological diseases.

Xiao Liu and Xiao Chu's "Happy Dream Tianyue Bay" let me see the returnees from another level, training and transferring to Tianyue Bay as service personnel and managers, who are grateful to the company and cherish their work very much. Some people in Tianyuewan Kangyang Base bought the company's preferential housing, work and live in the national AAAA scenic spot, is really a rare blessing. They all seem to like Xu Xiake's poem, opening their mouths and saying, "The whole body is refreshing as crisp, the cure is wonderful as God; they don't admire Tianchi birds, they are willing to be hot springs people."

The Hotel I stayed in is called "Huikeju". It reminds me of Guo Xi, a great painter of the Northern Song Dynasty, who wrote a sentence in "Lin Quan Gaozhi": "Landscape is feasible, hopeful, travelable and habitable." It's better to be able to swim and live than to be able to do so. A resort where artists can live will inevitably have a natural environment to promote their physical and mental harmony. Watching and painting landscapes will help them rest well and maintain a good state, and constantly trigger inspiration and generate creative passion. I appreciate the paintings and calligraphy of the scenic hotel, but I know that seven minutes of silence can not be made, and the other three points are the talent of "Big Dream Awareness". "Dahui Pujue Zen Master's Quotations" said: "Yesterday, the dream talked about Zen, now the dream talked about Zen. Dreams in dreams tell the truth now, and dreams in yesterday. Yesterday I closed my eyes and now I open my eyes. People always listen in their dreams. Cloud Gate repeats dreams in their dreams. Teach people to deal with things and not to be greedy or frightened, so that they can be free from their dreams. This "good dream" seems a bit mysterious, if we do not really understand the second ancestor Huike "peace of mind Zen" words.

"Tianyuewan Hot Spring - the first Zen Spring in China", if it is a brand, it should start from solid and practice. A group of people, a thing, a "good dream" into reality. Mr. Zhang Jie, the leader of Tianjin University, is a buried hill man from neighboring counties. After graduation, Tianjin University began to work hard to pave the way for entrepreneurship and choose all kinds of jobs with great marketing challenges. A son of the Dabie Mountains, in the spirit of Tianzhu Mountains in his hometown, "one pillar in the middle of the sky", topped Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou to sell real estate for a day, which was called "a black horse in real estate sales in southern Fujian". Ten years ago, just as his career took off, he invited a group of entrepreneurs to embark on the road of innovation and entrepreneurship, and to enter Yuexi, a state-level poverty-stricken county in the hinterland of the Dabie Mountains, to become a major health industry of cultural tourism, health care and pension. He has the greatest advantage is faith, the biggest capital is "dream", with a Zen heart containing great love, one head into the depths of the Dabie Mountains, ten years of sharpening a sword, the achievement of today's Tianyue Bay health base.

From Mr. Zhang Jie, President of Shengshi Tianyuan International Health Culture Group and his team, I see a bigger dream: the dream of revitalization of Dabie Mountain! They put this dream into practice as their mission of struggle: "Promoting the traditional Chinese health culture and serving the physical and mental health of millions of people"! In order to achieve this grand ideal, they are making all-round efforts and explorations. One of the "projects" is the "Dream Building Project" - to make Tianyuewan Health Base form a national and even international rehabilitation center for insomniacs, so that patients suffering from insomnia all over the world can come here to have a good sleep and have a good dream!

Dreams are continuing... Dreams come true!

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