"Dragon Boat Festival, Parents and Children's Music in Zongxia" activities successfully concluded

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May 5, Dragon Boat Festival

As one of the traditional festivals in China, the Dragon Boat Festival, like the Mid-Autumn and Spring Festivals, is a festival for family reunion. In the long history and culture of the Chinese nation, family is the most important component of every descendant's life. In the family culture, we are proud of the virtues of loving father and mother and filial piety of children.

In order to let the concept of home continue to inherit, in order to keep traditional festivals from being obliterated by foreign cultures. On the morning of June 18, Tianyuewan Hot Spring Health Holiday Area successfully held the "Dragon Boat Festival, parents and children together dumpling summer" activities.

In the activities, Chinese teachers use simple and easy-to-understand language and interactive game mode to explain the traditional culture of the Dragon Boat Festival and the traditional Chinese culture of filial piety to children, so that children can experience the fun of learning and playing and the charm of knowledge.

Hot activity scene, happy personal experience, let's follow the photos to feel this happiness...

Wrap your love in dumplings.

Use the aroma of zongzi to convey feelings.

Hand-made dumplings together.

Understanding the connotation of Chinese traditional festivals,

Have a warm holiday with parents!