Changyou as "Summer"| Tianyuewan Hot Spring Summer Swimming Training Course in hot enrollment...

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Envy ing...

Yuexi's children are going to have summer vacation!

For the Student Party,

The most exciting thing,

Nothing is better than the coming holiday.

How to arrange this precious time?

For parents,

If children are allowed to enjoy their holidays at the same time

Having a worthwhile and meaningful life,

It's a big problem.


There's a chance!

Tianyuewan Hot Spring Swimming Training Class is very popular!

More toys for children

Go to more cram schools

Better give your child a cool summer vacation

Learn a skill to "survive"

Stronger than anything

Summer is the season of drowning.

Whether for the sake of the safety of their children

Or for children to swim in a healthy water

Tianyuewan Hot Spring Indoor Swimming Pool

It's a good choice.

Our Advantages

Elegant indoor hot spring swimming pool

Complete facilities and equipment

Enjoy high quality service

Coaches are experienced and considerate in Teaching

Lifeguards are responsible

Our service tenet: teaching with love and serving with heart!

Make use of children's spare time to get all the skills of breaststroke and freestyle!

Make sure you return with a full load!

Customize a different water experience for you and your family

Senior coach teaching

Enjoyment of elegant environment

Learn to swim while also enhancing physical fitness