Anhui is so beautiful, let the old people come to Tianyue Bay to see (二)

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Travel for the aged and travel for the aged. The world is big, Anhui is beautiful, Tianyue Bay is very intimate! Tianyuewan Great Healthy Residence and Rehabilitation Base provides the world's elderly "home" general warm living experience.

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  Qingshan green water mysterious north latitude 30 line, small city Yuexi unique mountain city scenery, the surrounding scenic spots have charm of the elderly residents wander among them, lingering forget to return. Feel colorful Yuexi, Dabie Mountain Health Paradise with distinct layers!

  State-level ecological county and ecological demonstration area, with 2160 species of animal and plant resources, is China's famous species gene bank. In Anhui Province, the first batch of forest cities, haze-free throughout the year, air negative ion content as high as 66,000 per cubic centimeter, "natural oxygen bar, Jianghuai Green Lung" world-renowned.

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  Tianyue Bay has built 800 residential recuperation facilities and standard beds. Tianyue Bay Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum (preparatory) combines hot spring recuperation with physical therapy of traditional Chinese medicine to provide health counseling and guidance, health intervention, health management and other services. It integrates the external Chinese medicine "6+1" to provide hot spring medicine bath, massage, scraping, cupping, moxibustion, fumigation and washing, bioelectric therapy, and other traditional Chinese medicine recuperation technologies. The health care methods and products of traditional Chinese medicine guided by the theory of traditional Chinese medicine are integrated into the health care services of traditional Chinese medicine. The original "Tianyuewan traditional Chinese medicine meridian electrodialysis moxibustion therapy" is especially effective in treating pain, chronic enteritis, metabolic diseases and other diseases. It has a good reversal effect on cervical spine, shoulder, waist and leg pain, gastrointestinal disorders, rhinitis, pharyngitis, prostate and other functional disorders in the elderly.

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  Design reasonable price itinerary, perfect supporting facilities, brand-new exploratory medical model, rural living environment full of local interest, professional resident housekeeper to provide attentive and thoughtful services throughout the process.

  We are serious about doing recreational living. Tianyuewan Da Health and Wellness Residence Base is a multi-functional recuperation base integrating residence, vacation, pension and recuperation. It devotes itself to the development of Da Health and Wellness. With the vision of "promoting Chinese traditional health culture and serving the physical and mental health of hundreds of millions of people", it upholds the concept of "filial piety for the world's children and sharing the worries of parents in the world", and earnestly implements the development of "service-oriented". The exhibition view, strives to create "Tianyue Bay physical and mental soul harbor". From product customization to residential reception, each service node is carefully refined.