A friend in need is a friend indeed

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Disease without affection, love without bounds warms people's hearts

  "Every day has its ups and downs. Everyone has its ups and downs." Sister Hu Saijin, a female worker in Tianyuewan Hot Spring Department, was diagnosed with meningioma one day in June 2018, and fell into a downturn. The high cost of surgery and rehabilitation treatment in the later stage undoubtedly caused a severe blow to this poor family. In order to help Sister Hu Saijin tide over the difficulties, Shengshi Tianyuan Group, from the leadership to employees, carries forward the social virtues of "one side is in trouble, eight sides support", and extends their help one after another to make loving donations. On June 30, when the money was sent to Sister Hu Saijin's home, Sister Hu and her family expressed their heartfelt thanks to the group leaders and employees. For this reason, her daughter wrote a thank-you letter to express the gratitude of the family to the group.

  Distinguished Mr. Zhang Jie, President of Shengshi Tianyuan International Health Culture Group, Anhui Province, and all the leaders and employees of the Group:


  First of all, on behalf of my family, especially my mother, let me express my sincerest gratitude to you.

  My mother, Hu Saijin, is an ordinary employee of Shengshi Tianyuan Company. She is responsible for the hygiene and cleaning work of Tianyuewan Hot Spring Department. Work earnestly and friendly, but unfortunately came to this kind mother. In June this year, my mother was diagnosed with meningioma and had to be hospitalized for surgical treatment. After learning the news, our family, on the one hand, accompanied the mother, actively treated, on the other hand, is also worried about the high medical costs. At this time, the company's leaders, Mr. Hu Jiecheng and Ms. Liu Yan, called to care about my mother's treatment and comfort her and her family's anxiety. Understanding that my family is poor and quite affordable for medical expenses, I launched a loving donation initiative. The company's leaders and employees are all helping us, and even President Zhang Jie is generous to us. When I responded with thanks, Ms. Liu Yan said, "Your mother is also our family. We all hope that she will recover soon." At that time, through the cold screen of mobile phone, I could still feel the eagerness of all the people in the company to care about my mother.

  When my mother was discharged from hospital, Mr. Jiang Zhiwen, Ms. Li Ping, the chairman of the company's trade union, and Ms. Liu Yan, the president of the company, came to visit my mother at home specially. They carefully inquired about my mother's current situation and handed over the donation of 25,000 yuan to my mother. This concern touched our family, for which our family deeply appreciates!

  My mother was unfortunate for her relentless illness. Because of the need for surgery, my mother's hair was all shaved off. She said she didn't care, but she must be sad. After nearly six hours of surgery, my mother watched in the intensive care unit for four days and three nights before returning to the general ward. And the pain caused by these illnesses can only be borne by the mother alone, even if we are family members, but can not share one or two. But there is love in the world, and my mother is lucky. Not only are we accompanied by family members, but also the concerns of our colleagues and leaders. This makes our family very touched, but also let the mother feel the warmth of the company family. My mother will take this warmth and strive for early recovery, hoping to return to work and continue to work for the company.

  In addition, I sincerely wish all the employees and leaders of the company, wish you peace and health, wish you a prosperous career, and wish you happiness in the world. And I just want to move forward with gratitude.

  Finally, on behalf of my family, I would like to express my deep gratitude to President Zhang Jie and all the employees and leaders of our company.

  This brings


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