Yuexi International Health Culture Industrial Park Construction Project was officially launched

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  On June 19, 2010, a meeting of members of the construction headquarters of Yuexi International Health Culture Industrial Park was held, which marked the formal start of the construction project of the industrial park. County leaders Wang Qianshen, Zhou Dongming, Yang Linjian, Zhang Yuming, Wang Jiuqing, Jiang Chunsheng, Jiang Benwang, Guozhong, the head of the investment company and the head of the member units of the headquarters attended the meeting.

  The meeting was chaired by Jiang Benwang, deputy county governor. Zhang Jie, Vice Chairman and Executive General Manager of Shengshi Tianyuan Company, Anhui Province, introduced the related situation in the early stage of the project. Yang Linjian, Deputy Secretary of the county Party committee, read out the relevant documents for the establishment of the headquarters and put forward the requirements for the next step of the project construction. Statements were made by the heads of relevant townships and departments. Wang Qianshen, Secretary of the county Party committee and director of the Standing Committee of the county people's congress, Zhou Dongming, Deputy Secretary of the county Party committee and county governor made important speeches respectively.

  Wang Qianshen pointed out that the construction project of the International Health Culture Industrial Park is hard-won and should be cherished more. All efforts should be made to speed up the construction of the project. The statement just made shows that everyone is determined to do a good job in this project. The key is to put the work into action, not just in words. Relevant townships, departments and Shengshi Tianyuan Company should unite and work together to complete the industrial park project. We should fully assess the potential difficulties of such a large project and overcome them with scientific attitude, firm confidence and indomitable courage. After the meeting, all parties should act quickly, formulate clear plans, reverse the schedule, and promote the construction of the project well and quickly.

  Zhou Dongming pointed out that the project of international health culture industrial park is an important practice of implementing the scientific development concept in our county. It is a major project to seize the opportunity of Anhui-Jiangsu urban belt to undertake the planning of industrial transfer demonstration zones and implement the strategy of ecological county-building. It is also a major project to implement the central government's efforts to increase the overall development of urban and rural areas. It is also a major project to implement the livelihood project and to promote the tourism economy of our county. Supporting projects for development are also an important task for training, training and testing our cadres. The successful foundation of the project is the highly unified thought and the work carried out according to law. The key of the project is to do a good job in land requisition, demolition and resettlement. The sign of success or failure of the project depends on whether it can become the first, first-class and internationally influential leisure and vacation base in the whole Province after the completion of the project. The guarantee of the success of the project is the strengthening of organizational leadership.

  It is reported that the total investment of Yuexi International Health Culture Industrial Park project is 1.5 billion yuan, which is invested and developed by Anhui Shengshi Tianyuan International Health Culture Development Co., Ltd. Relying on the unique ecological environment and hot spring resources in our county, the Industrial Park intends to build a super-large international comprehensive tourism health resort center, including nine functional areas such as hot spring health preservation, Hotel vacation, medical health preservation, cultural and sports exhibition center, amorous towns, cultural and leisure, ecological industry, health preservation manor, residential development, etc. The industrial park planning covers an area of about 10,000 Mu and is implemented in three phases. During the year, the project will complete land requisition, demolition, resettlement and other work. The first phase of the project will start construction around November. (Wang Guodong)

  Source: Yuexi Online