Anqing Daily: Yuexi Building Eco-economic Aircraft Carrier

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Recently, Yuexi County officially launched the project of Hot Spring International Health Culture Industrial Park. The park, with an investment of 1.5 billion yuan from six companies and a planned area of about 10,000 mu, will rely on Yuexi's unique ecological environment and hot spring resources to build a super-large international comprehensive tourism health and vacation center. In 2010, Yuexi County will rely on its own ecological advantages to build an "ecological magnetic field" and consolidate the industrial undertaking platform in the construction of the demonstration zone of undertaking industrial transfer in Wanjiang City Belt. At the same time, taking investment promotion as a breakthrough, we should take the initiative to undertake and attract more funds, technology and industries from the Yangtze River Delta region and other developed regions to transfer to Yuexi, promote industrial upgrading and transformation, and expand and strengthen the ecological industry.

  We will concentrate on building an "ecological magnetic field" and consolidating the industrial transfer platform. First, we should strengthen the construction of county towns. On the basis of investing 1.71 billion yuan last year, Yuexi will invest another 610 million yuan this year to implement ten key projects, namely, hot spring avenue, new government district, new drinking water source of county town, comprehensive improvement of county environment and reconstruction of shanty towns of West road, to strengthen infrastructure construction of County town and improve comprehensive transportation network. The second is to strengthen the construction of the park. We will complete the reform of the County Economic Development Zone system, further integrate the superior resources of education, health, science and technology, talents and funds into the development zone, raise the threshold of project entry, continue to strictly prohibit projects of chemical industry, high energy consumption, loss of ecological resources and high emissions, and focus on introducing large projects and good projects to improve the functional positioning of the zone and construction. Set up ecological, characteristic and harmonious park. Third, we should strengthen environmental construction. We will continue to build up the effectiveness of organs and simplify the procedures for administrative examination and approval.

  Promote industrial upgrading and transformation, expand and strengthen the ecological industry. In 2010, Yuexi County formulated the "1111" target of industrial development, namely, to achieve the total industrial output value of more than 10 billion yuan, scale enterprises of more than 100, sales enterprises of 1 billion yuan, annual tax revenue of 10 million yuan and an additional one. Focusing on this goal, the county has promulgated the Rejuvenation Plan for the Three Major Industries of Textile, Automobile Parts and Agricultural by-products, accelerating the upgrading of the three traditional industries, accelerating the development of strategic emerging industries, focusing on promoting the rapid development of the three major emerging industries, including electronic and electrical appliances, solar photovoltaic, equipment manufacturing, and promulgating preferential policies and effective measures, focusing on supporting Swan Electronics and Anchai Tian. Xin supercharger, medium machine harvester, invite Zhai tea machine to become bigger and stronger. Strengthen ecological agriculture. We will further develop and expand the three major characteristic industries of tea, vegetable and mulberry, transform and expand 30,000 Mu low-yield tea plantations, 10,000 Mu mulberry plantations and 10,000 mu Yinbai base. We will actively cultivate new industries, continue to promote the construction of four bases of Camellia oleifera, bamboo, three branches and chestnut, and develop 5,000 Mu melon base. We will further support the construction of standardized breeding communities and special ecological farming to realize large-scale farming, cultivation and chestnut base. The proportion of characteristic aquaculture increased by more than 5 percentage points. Live eco-tourism. This year, the county will launch a number of key scenic spots such as Hot Spring International Health Culture Industrial Park, Shiguan National Competitive Training Base, and the reconstruction of the Lower House of Erzu Temple in Sikongshan. It will integrate the county's tourism resources and set up Yuexi Tourism Development Group.