Anhui Tianyuewan Company launches fire drill in the third quarter of 2018

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  In order to strengthen and enhance emergency management work, enhance staff's fire safety awareness and emergency evacuation ability, and ensure the safety of guests'lives and property, Tianyuewan Company conducted fire emergency evacuation drills on the 1ST-2ND floor of Huikeju Hotel on the afternoon of September 22. More than 100 leaders and employees of the unit participated in the drill. The event also invited Yuexi County fire brigade instructors on-site observation and guidance.

  Fire smoke simulation is adopted in this drill. The purpose of this drill is to further strengthen staff's awareness of fire safety, improve their ability of emergency rescue and self-rescue, familiarize themselves with the methods of alarm, rescue, rescue and escape in emergencies, and make full use of accident expectation through the cooperation and participation of personnel of various departments so as to enhance their emergency knowledge and familiarize themselves with emergency organizations. Institutions and emergency workflow should strengthen cooperation, improve emergency response capacity, and ensure the safety of all staff and guests.

  At the beginning of the drill, the fire was simulated on the second floor of the hotel. When the staff found the fire, they immediately reported the fire to the security officer. After receiving the information about the fire on the spot, the security officer made a judgment on the alarm situation, reported it to the Director of Emergency Response Office and notified the emergency teams. The Director of Emergency Response Office receives the fire alarm report to the commander-in-chief and initiates the fire emergency plan to set up the field headquarters. Members of emergency teams shall act immediately according to the plan; fire extinguishing action teams shall control the spread of the fire and extinguish the fire situation on the spot; technical treatment groups, evacuation guidance groups, safety warning groups and logistic support groups shall immediately implement emergency measures to ensure the closure of non-fire-fighting important facilities, smooth evacuation of trapped persons and rescue of injured persons. Up to the safe evacuation of all personnel to the safe area, the departments shall count and report the number of evacuated persons.

 After the drill, the county fire brigade leaders commented on the drill, affirmed the activity, and pointed out the problems in the activity. It emphasizes that exercises are practice, that is, to accumulate experience, which helps to minimize casualties in real fires. The company summarized the exercise. It indicated that the exercise was tense and orderly, the emergency environment was lifelike, the security work was in place, and the exercise basically achieved the desired results.

  This emergency evacuation exercise not only implemented the preventive measures of Tianyuewan Company to deal with emergencies, but also improved the ability of employees to deal with emergencies in practice, further enhanced the awareness of fire safety of employees, initially mastered the basic methods of rapid escape, self-rescue and mutual rescue in danger, and the whole exercise achieved the expected purpose.