Ten New Brands of Tourism in Anhui Province

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Recently, the selection of ten new brands in Anhui tourist attractions has entered the final stage. The results of the selection will be released in late September, and the new brand of Anhui tourist attractions will soon appear.

  In the new century, especially since the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, new tourist attractions in Anhui Province have emerged one after another with frequent highlights. In order to enhance the popularity and influence of the new tourist attractions in Anhui Province, China Tourism Network Media Alliance, in conjunction with Anhui Tourism Brand Alliance and Zhongan Tourism Network, has specially planned and organized the network exhibition of new brand of Anhui tourist attractions and the selection of ten new brand of Anhui tourist attractions.

  According to the organizer, this network exhibition of new tourism brands in Anhui and the selection of top ten new tourism brands in Anhui are aimed at guiding Anhui tourist attractions to take the road of high-quality and brand development, focusing on launching a number of new high-quality scenic spots widely recognized by the society, founding new brands, creating new highlights, improving the overall quality of tourist attractions in Anhui Province and promoting tourism products in Anhui Province. The industry is developing well and fast.

  In the preliminary evaluation stage, 50 scenic spots from various cities in Anhui Province were selected, such as the 5000-year Cultural Expo Park, the historic tourist area of Shexian County, Xiuli Film and Television City of Yixian County, Yuquanzhuang Hot Spring Resort in Bantang, and China's intangible cultural heritage park. After nearly a month of online voting, 20 scenic spots such as Dapu Rural World, Golden Collar Happy World, Jushishan Eco-cultural Tourist Area and Huagudeng Carnival amusement park have successfully entered the final list of the top 20 candidates.

  Up to now, Taihu 5000 Cultural Expo Park, Zhigao Titan Ark Paradise, Xiuning Qiyunshan Scenic Area, Jiuhua Mountain Davong Cultural Park, Tunxi Drunken Hot Spring Resort City, Yuexi Tianyuewan Hot Spring, Jixi Longchuan Scenic Area, Wanfo Lake Tourist Resort, Tiantangzhai Scenic Area and Nanling Dapu Country World are among the top ten temporarily.

  It is reported that the ten new brand selection activities in Anhui will be completed in late September, and a grand ceremony will be held at the launching ceremony of the second China Tourism Network Media Union in Anhui Province to award the title of "Ten New Brands of Anhui Tourism" to the awarded scenic spot, to summarize the work of creating the evaluation activities, to display the image of the awarded scenic spot, and to borrow the prize. Help 100 mainstream network media to publicize and promote the brand image of award-winning scenic spots.