Zhongan Online: Huangshan, Jiuhua and Dabie Mountains, Anhui Tourism in the Future

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Dabie Mountain, the red hometown, will become a bright business card for health tourism in Anhui Province. Yesterday, the Dabie Mountain Cultural Research Institute of Anhui Province was formally established in Fei, and tourism in our province will usher in a new pattern of "three mountains stand side by side" in Huangshan, Jiuhua and Dabie Mountains.

  There are more than 120 think tanks in Dabie Mountain Cultural Research Institute. They will explore and integrate Dabie Mountain cultural resources, develop industrial research and development, and actively dock with private capital. Zhang Jie, director of Dabie Mountain Cultural Research Institute of Anhui Province, said, "Next step, Dabie Mountain will revolve around the brand positioning of'Yangsheng Mountain', forming a new tourism pattern of Anhui Province with Huangshan Scenic Tour, Jiuhua Mountain Religious Tour and Dabie Mountain Health Tour.

  It is understood that at the First Dabie Mountain Cultural Tourism Industry Forum, in addition to the Dabie Mountain Cultural Research Institute of Anhui Province, the Dabie Mountain Red Culture Research Institute, the Health Culture Research Institute, the Zen Culture Research Institute, the Jade Culture Research Institute and the Tea Culture Research Institute were also established. Experts and scholars will conduct a comprehensive study of Dabie Mountain's history, culture and natural resources. (Gong Yuqing and Li Shibing)

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  The Chinese Zen Culture Park will be built in March next year

  Reporters learned from yesterday's "First Dabie Mountain Cultural Tourism Industry Forum" that "China Zen Cultural Park" will be officially constructed in March next year, which will take about three years and be officially opened to the outside world in March 2016. At that time, a new place will be added for provincial and urban residents to travel. (Gong Yuqing and Li Shibing)