Anqing Daily: The First Dabie Mountain Cultural Tourism Industry Forum was held in Hefei

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  On November 2, the first Dabie Mountain Cultural Tourism Industry Forum, sponsored by the Dabie Mountain Cultural Research Institute of Anhui Province, was held in Hefei. More than 200 people from relevant ministries and commissions of the state, leaders of provinces, cities and counties in Anhui, Anqing, Luan and Yuexi, as well as leaders of relevant units, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from inside and outside the province participated. At the opening ceremony of the forum, many people expressed their views on the docking of Dabie Mountain cultural tourism with industry, put forward the brand positioning of Dabie Mountain-Yangsheng Mountain, and took it as a starting point to build a new tourism pattern of Anhui Province, in which Huangshan (sightseeing tour), Jiuhua Mountain (religious tour) and Dabie Mountain (Yangsheng tour) stand side by side, to realize complementary resources and differentiated development in order to solve the differences. Poverty alleviation and development and economic and social development in mountainous areas are difficult problems.

  The Dabieshan Cultural Research Institute of Anhui Province was initiated by the Anhui History and Culture Research Center, the Hui Shang Magazine and the Shengshi Tianyuan International Health Culture Development Co., Ltd. under the leadership of the Anhui Cultural Department. It aims to carry out cultural research in the Dabieshan Mountains, serve the government's decision-making and enterprise development, and devote itself to transforming the research results into productivity. To promote economic and social development in the Dabie Mountains region.

  Yuexi International Health Culture Industrial Park, a key project of Shengshi Tianyuan Company, covers an area of 6,000 Mu and invests 2 billion RMB. Relying on Yuexi's unique natural ecological environment, long-standing Zen culture, unique high-quality hot springs and rich tourism resources, the project is committed to building an international health-preserving tourism and leisure resort that integrates sightseeing and vacation, recuperation and fitness, mountain sports, ecological industry and business meetings. The project is listed in the "861" project of Anhui Province, the top ten tourism projects of the Provincial Tourism Reference Committee, one of 25 key dispatching projects of the provincial government, the key projects of the 12th Five-Year Plan of Anqing City, the core projects of the development planning of Anqing's cultural tourism industry and the first key project of Yuexi County. The first phase of Tianyue Bay project started on May 27, 2011.

  He Chengbin