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To the world, you are a person.

But for someone, you are his whole world.

"As long as you are happy, I will do anything."

I love you not just because of who you are.

And because of the way I look when I'm with you

I love you not only because of what you do for me

And because, for you, what I can do

Love is on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.


  A thousand years ago, Qin Guan wrote a thousand-year-old absolute song: "If love lasts for a long time, is it in the twilight?"

  Today is quite different from a thousand years ago. Everyone loves freely and unrestrainedly, dries firewood and burns with fire, so fast that they cannot hide their ears.

  Maybe you've already thought about sending a big red envelope, 999 big red roses, some pictures of love and a cart of numb love stories to Ta.

  They come like landslides and cracks, and go like gales and rains.

Nevertheless, there was another kind of love in the world, such as old wine, which has been long and fragrant after years of precipitation.

  Probably when Qin Guan wrote Magpie Bridge Immortal, there was a countryman named Liu Tingshi and a countryside girl who had made a life-long commitment to death.

  Later, Liu Tingshi entered the senior high school. Su Dongpo, then a college student, praised him greatly. Look at high officials have to sit, horses have to ride. Many officials and gentlemen have invited matchmakers to take him for granted.

  However, Liu Ting-Style refused one by one on the grounds that only the country lover was in his heart.

  At that time, it was impossible to decide for a lifetime. What's more, the country girl had eye disease and was blind.

  Many "I am for your good" persuaded Liu Tingshi: "You have no formal marriage, can not be regarded as dishonest. She's blind now. You'll have a long time to come. For the future and future, it's good to choose an official lady at will."


  Liu Qiangdong, CEO of Jingdong, said, "I don't know if my wife is beautiful. I'm face-blind."

  Some people say that love is blind.


  In the face of true love, fame, wealth, illness and disability can be ignored.

  There are always thousands of excuses for not loving someone.

  Love a person, everything is not a reason, as long as love, it is enough.

  Love is "preferring to rain every day, thinking that you are not coming because of the rain."

  Love is "I want to see the rain in Maoting Pavilion, the ants by the rockery, the butterflies in love, the spiders knitting webs, the water, the boats, the clouds, the waterfalls, and the sweet sleep you sleep."

  Love is "I know that it is most unwise to love only one person in my life, but I only know this way of love."

  August 18, 2018 is July Eve. May the people you love love love you just as well.

  Love on the seventh night, the heart to be true! Let's witness the romantic love story for you in Tianyue Bay...

Activity time: 17 August 2018

Place of activity: Huikeju Boutique Hotel

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